Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Surprise Mailings

Sorry I haven't been reading many blogs and commenting or posting daily this month.  Life has been busy.  I don't think my Black History Month agenda has gone as well as I planned.  Due to a busy life schedule and some writer's block I haven't been motivated to make daily posts.

Fortunately a trio of readers have sent me some packages over the past few days.

It felt like Christmas getting all these fun packages I wasn't expecting.
I promise October will bring daily posts cause everyone likes that kinda thing.

Brad from Brad's Blog sent me a text about having an extra 2019 Chrome Sapphire Cutch.  He sent it my way along with a few Topps coins.
Look at THE SHINE on that sapphire!!!

Mark aka Fuji from Chronicles of Fuji
Fuji hooked me up with a bunch of awesome cards.
The Charlie Morton on top left is a card I needed.  I haven't been supercollecting Charlie like I used to because he is appearing in A LOT more products than he used to when I literally only needed 1 non 1/1 card prior to 2017.
He also included pair of Willie Stargell relics, a Ralph Kiner bat relic, a Starling Marte Holiday Relic.  I needed them all.

I love the Bobby Bonilla 1989 All Star card. I might send it out as a TTM.  The Bill Virdon is a card I never seen before.

The Clemente In the bottom right corner is a true 1/1 sketch by Jayson Johnson.

This is a 1963 Post Cereal topper of Don Hoak.  Don Hoak was nicknamed "The Tiger".  He is best known for committing a fielding error IN THE 13TH INNING of a perfect game when Harvey "the kitten" Haddix was on the mound.  Despite a .282 average and only 16 homeruns while committing 26 errors at third base, he actually was the runner up to the National League MVP award in 1960.
I love the old Kellogg's cards. Love them!!!
Pie Traynor is the greatest third baseman in Pirates history.  He is a Hall of Famer and his number 20 has been retired by the Pittsburgh Pirates.
(Here's hoping the Pirates retire 22 one day to keep 20, 21, and 22 in legendary fashion for years to come).

Unknown mailing
I seem to remember someone mentioning having the Gallery card for me, but I don't know who sent this package.  It didn't have a return address.
If you sent me this package please leave a comment so I can thank you properly.

Thank you everyone for the surprise packages.  It is VERY MUCH appreciated.


  1. The gal needs bells on. LoL. Nice relics.

  2. I apologize if the Clemente smells "smokey". I bought a few different sketch cards from a guy and they all smelled that way. When I received them, I put them into individual ziploc bags with a dryer sheet for a few days... then let them air out for almost a month and I still could smell them.

    1. I got a broken sniffer right now so I didn't notice. Thank you for the kindness.

  3. I sent the package with the Gallery card.

    1. Thanks Rod! I needed the Ginter, Stadium Club base, Gallery, and the Clementes

  4. Geez, you've been getting a lot of good stuff lately! I don't care much for the graded case, but that Traynor is really fantastic, I don't recall ever seeing that particular card before.