Sunday, August 23, 2020

Card 3,001 is in hand

Yesterday I showed off a card that put me into pretty elite company.  I joined the 3,000 club.  I now own 3,000 unique cards of Andrew McCutchen.  I am starting to slow down a bit since he left the Buccos in 2018, but am still picking up plenty of Phillies, Yankees, Giants cards when they present themselves to me for a fair price or something so unique I have to have it.  

Card 3,001 came to me via a PWE for a cheap price off eBay.  It's the Meijer exclusive purple parallel of 2020 Topps Series 2.
Nothing too fancy, but it was a nice card to grab as I really like the purple parallels as they usually look bolder than many other parallels Topps Flagship uses.


  1. Is there anything to tie it in with Meijer? Something on the back? So impressive, your collection is.

  2. I never come across these Purples. Glad you snagged one.

  3. I miss Toys R Us, I have a nice stack of purples from 2013. There are no Meijers in my area or I'd go hunting for them.