Friday, August 28, 2020

Happy Jackie Robinson Day (again)

For the second time this year, MLB is celebrating Jackie Robinson Day.

Jackie Robinson Day is traditionally celebrated on April 15th each year to recognize the day he broke the color barrier, but due to the world wide pandemic the games on that day were cancelled.  The MLBPA wanted to still recognize what Jackie did even during a short 60 game season.  The date was set for today and it couldn't have come at a better time to recognize the struggles that Jackie faced as the United States are once again having lines drawn for racism.  

Let's take a moment today and remember we are all people, regardless of skin tone.

Jackie Robinson started a change in the world over 70 years ago and we continue to face that change today. 

Here are all the Andrew McCutchen cards I have that feature a reference to the man that changed the game, #42 Jackie Robinson.
This is now a top 10 card in my collection.  I bought it via Twitter.  It features the Jackie Robinson Patch worn by Cutch on April 15, 2018 when Cutch was a member of the Giants.  It also has a nice on card signature and the hologram referencing the game the patch is from.  This card is SICK!!!

Here are a pair of parallels that Prizm unfortunately doesn't do anymore.  These are the 2013 and 2014 Jackie Robinson parallels numbered to 42 copies.  Each card is serially numbered on the back and feature a "42" pattern border.

2018 Gypsy Queen Jackie Robinson variant base and logo swap.  There are also color parallels of this card to chase as well (green and black). Cutch is circling the bags after what became a game winning homerun in late innings at Wrigley Field 2017.
Here is the 2018 Jackie Robinson manufactured pin relic available in packs of 2018 Update.
This is the 2017 version.
Here are a pair of 2012 Triple Threads Unity Gold Relics numbered to only 9 copies.  Both cards feature Cutch in a Jackie Robinson Day uniform and reference two of Cutch's early career accomplishments (the 2009 Topps All Rookie Team and the 2010 Heart and Hustle Award).
National Treasures produces a Jackie Robinson tribute in their sets from time to time.  This diecut version is from 2015.
The following year had a more colorful design, but the die cut was removed and the jerseys were no longer guaranteed to be worn on Jackie Robinson day.
Cutch received the photo variant Jackie Robinson parallel in 2019 Gypsy Queen.  The patch on the right sleeve is the same patch I own and I showed to begin the series of posts.

He also got the autograph treatment in 2019 Gypsy Queen.


  1. Posting some Jackie Robinson Day cards shortly; I feel a little bad to say this but I am surprised you missed an easy one. But there is an up-side - not hard to come by.

    Very glad to see all these far more intricate examples though.

    1. As soon as you mentioned it, I immediately knew which one I missed. I have the base and the red parallel. There's always next year, I guess.

  2. Cutch looks great on Jackie Robinson cards.

  3. Wow. Your Cutch 42 collection is awesome! I've been so busy, I completely missed the announcement about Jackie Robinson Day. I look forward to seeing more of his cards on blogs today though as I catch up on my reading.

  4. I love me some #42 jersey cards. Also noting RIP as on JRD (8/28) the actor playing him in the movie "42" passed away.