Sunday, July 2, 2017

4 more parallels added

With the release of Archives, Bunt, Inception, Series 2, and Museum all in the past month I am getting very close to 1,800 unique cards of Cutch.

In addition to all the recent card releases, 3 previous collectors of Cutch are beginning to sell off their collections so I have been able to add some nice cards to the collection in the past month also.  

Here's my latest group of cards I purchased.

4 new parallels, none of which are super rare.

A pair of Heritage Chrome refractors, a die cut Bowman Chrome insert and a Blue parallel for Topps Museum.

With this cardboard quatro added to the collection, I now sit at 1,760 cards (with more incoming).  When I began to collect cards again late in 2009 I never thought I would be approaching this many unique cards of my favorite player for the next decade.  This has been such a fun joy trying to track down as many of his cards as possible.

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