Monday, July 31, 2017

What did I tell you about the bat on your shoulder????!!!!!!

First of all, in a completely unrelated post, Congratulations to Adrian Beltre on his 3,000 career hit yesterday.  He continues to get better as he gets older.

Speaking of older...

My old blog showed a 2005 Bowman Heritage photo variant where Cutch had a bat resting on his shoulder.  We were all taught as young athletes to keep the bat off your shoulder.

Many times players will pose with a bat on their shoulder for a photoshoot, such was the case for that 2005 Bowman Heritage.

Rarely do you see unposed game action photos by Topps with a bat on their shoulder.

2017 Topps offered a photo variant of Cutch.

This time, it has him walking in the dugout with 3 bats on his shoulder.  This card would be perfect for Daniel's multiple bat collection.  It is also perfect to show off today as Andrew hit 3 homeruns in a game for the 3rd time in his career.

These SP parallels are strange entities.  They go as cheap as $35 and as high as $90.  I was fortunate to grab mine for just over $40.

Hopefully Cutch will get a Topps Now card to celebrate his Home Run victory.

To close out today's post here is the original 2005 Bowman Heritage photo variant I referenced above.

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  1. That 2005 Bowman Heritage Cutch is a great looking card.

    P.S. I remember getting yelled at by my coaches to keep my bad off my shoulder when I was little.