Tuesday, July 25, 2017

David Vs. Goliath

I showed off a sketch print card of famed artist Edward Vela when I first launched Collecting Cutch last year..  Edward has been producing these cards for years.  He currently has made 6 (if I remember correctly) versions of Cutch.  I currently have 3 of them.

A new artist, David Lee, has started to do similiar sketch print cards but numbered to much smaller numbers.

I grabbed my first one from him recently and am very pleased with it.

Hopefully David can build up enough of a following to keep up with all Edward's sketch cards and make some more Cutch cards.

In the meantime, I will seek out the other Cutch cards that Edward did.


  1. I've seen Vela's work on eBay a few times over the years. I wonder how much he sells his originals for. Hope you're able to track down the other three in the near future.