Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8th: National Video Game Day

So a bit of weird circumstances happened yesterday.  I posted a Diamond Marshall Gold card /10 and had a title called Cops and Robbers.  As I was driving home I got a ticket for distracted driving because I had reached for my cell phone as a cop passed me.  Now I have a mandatory court appearance for my first offense and up to a $400 fine.  Oh the irony of a blog post.

Today I hope to lighten things up with a video game post.

Andrew McCutchen was the cover athlete for MLB The Show and would have his name mentioned on cardboard throughout the years citing the accomplishment.

I have previously shown my signed copy of the game

I thought there was more that I could find but only found these two cards while quickly browsing my Cutch binder of non hits.

Not relevant to the post, but here are the fronts


  1. Mandatory court appearance? They sure are getting strict about touching your cell phone while driving.

    P.S. Sweet relic!

    1. Worse of all is that the only reason I reached for it because the phone's alarm was going off due to me working an earlier shift than usual.

    2. That's a legit reason. I hope they'll let you off with a warning.