Saturday, July 29, 2017

Stadium Club Variants

2017 Stadium Club just came out recently, but I am still trying to track down more of the 2016 parallels.

What I have so far are the following

Gold Foil, Orange (B&W), and Black Foil

With all the zany things Cutch does in the dugout and on the field, I am certain they could have picked a better picture for the 2016 card.  I like the angle and throwback uniform, but a pic of him doing a celebratory dance, handshake, hat tipping to his wife, etc would have been better for a Stadium Club release.

So far I have only committed to the black and white/orange foil parallel from the 2017 release.  I need all the others.  Keep me in mind if you come across any.


  1. I haven't seen the Orange yet. Those look really great!

  2. Will do. Can't remember if I got anything of him in my sc break or not

  3. That amazing McCovey card would look even sweeter as a B&W w/orange parallel. Best of luck in tracking down those Cutch parallels.