Thursday, July 6, 2017

Batman vs. Superman

When it comes to super hero movies, I will forever be a Marvel guy.  Even the ones that got bad reviews (Daredevil, Punisher, Fantastic Four 1, Wolverine Origins) I still enjoyed because quite frankly I just like the characters more.

Now when it comes to DC movies, I never liked Superman.  I always feel that he had it too easy.  Batman though, yeah Batman is cool.

I bought 4 Bowman Chrome Mini Wave Refractors from a seller who has been selling off his collection to me slowly.

When I layed these cards out I thought of Batman vs Superman because of the color scheme.

They are numbered as following: red /5, black /25, gold /50, blue /99.

I guess the color scheme could also have been for Pirates vs Phillies.  Let's Go Bucs!!!


  1. Those look pretty cool all laid out like that.

  2. I'm a Marvel movie guy as well... although DC has really stepped things up with the Arrow television show.

    1. Arrow, Gotham, and Flash are all awesome shows.