Friday, July 14, 2017

Grey vs. Gray

I finally got one of the last remaining parallels I was chasing from 2017 Heritage.
The grey back SSP (far right)

I've previously shown shortly after release the following
Gold Chrome /5
Flip Stock, Bright Yellow, Color Swap, Blue Border, and assorted chromes
Throwback SP yesterday

The issue I had when cataloging this particular card, was the spelling of it.

I always spell it grey, but Topps labels it as a Gray back.  Cardboard Connection has it listed as a Gray Back also.

In doing some quick research, both Gray and Grey are acceptable ways to spell the neutral color.

Despite the confusion with the spelling, I am extremely happy to cross this off the list.  I only need 2 chrome versions (Superfractor 1/1 and Purple Hot Box refractor).


  1. I always wondered the difference between "gray" and "grey". Best of luck in tracking down the final two cards.

  2. I see Topps definition of "gray" in this case means golden brown mustard vs yellow mustard. White vs. Light Gray. During the vintage days I would hardly notice the difference and consider either the "base" card. Enter the 1980s and price guides and catalogues started pointing out that there were variants. Now that Topps LOVES <3 LOVES parallels and subtle variants, including gum "stains" the need for these "gray" parallels are a big priority.

  3. I went through some Heritage again last week and found the dark, or gray, back of Chris Sale w/ Red Sox.

    I wish it was easier to spot, but I get the chase factor as well.

    Good job.

  4. I get confused by that too. Nice pickups! Those can be hard to find and spot.

  5. Seems like a grey gray line here