Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Spider-Man Wall Climbing

Spider-Man came out over the weekend and as is customary for me to do on Wednesdays, I will be going to my $6 matinee.  I have stayed away from all the spoilers and am really looking forward to seeing how this movie ties in with the other Marvel films.

Here's a card of Cutch showing some wall climbing abilities
I have the base, but also the Superfractory version of this Black Friday Elements card numbered to 10.

It even references Spider-Man on the back

Here are a few others of the Cutch doing his best Peter Parker impersonations.

Up first is one of my all time favorite images  of Cutch on cardboard.

Next up are a pair of cards from 2013 Chrome and Flagship.
Both are SP photo variants, but the chrome version carries a substantially higher secondary market.

As I look through my binders I will see if there are any other webhead wallcrawler references.


  1. Cool looking Panini! That design/set is unfamiliar to me. I like it.

  2. That 2013 Topps Cutch photo variant is sweet!