Saturday, July 15, 2017

Topps you cheated me of a back!!!!

The title might make you believe I just got "ho hum, another 1/1" Blank Back Vault card.  Unfortunately, thats not the case.

Instead I got in a bunch of color parallels from Topps Museum.

These cards look great as a set.

And the lot included this Canvas Collection sketch reproduction card.  Sweet!!!  The artist for this year's chosen Cutch card is Carlos Cabaleiro who I did an email interview with back in March.

But wait, the back says the same thing as the base Museum cards?
Not only is Topps recycling images.  Now they are recycling the text on the back too?

C'mon Topps!  Mix it up a little especially if it's a high end release like Museum.  The inserts are meant to draw attention.  Tell us about the artist of this reproduction sketch card and why this one was chosen over other sketch artists.

I didn't want to make this post so negative.  How can I change it?

Oh look.

Ho hum, it's another 1/1
The Emerald