Thursday, July 13, 2017

Throwback Thursday: 4 Months Late

Sooooooo, back in March I was showcasing all my 2017 Heritage cards I had acquired of Cutch.  I mentioned I didn't like the photo used and that I had a monster case hit card that I would show off in the upcoming days.
4 Months later...
I finally got around to scanning it in.

This extremely short printed Throwback uniform is found 1 per case.  With nearly a dozen different subjects for the Throwback cards, getting a Cutch is not an easy task.

I like the look of this card a lot.  The Jason Kendall era road greys (or grays depending on spelling) look great and are a nice refresher from all the 70s throwbacks the team has worn over the years.

I didn't realize I had never posted about this card until I was putting together a post for my most recent Heritage acquisition recapping all my 2017 Heritage cards.  You will see that post tomorrow.

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