Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Today We Celebrate Our Independence"

I know the true meaning of July 4th, but honestly is there a better quote for today than the quote by Bill Pullman in Independence Day?

Series 2 offered a bunch of Independence Day cards (flags, logo patches, inserts).  I don't own any of them or the parallels yet but I do have the red /25 Independence Day insert en route to my mailbox.  If anyone wants to grab me any of the manufactured relics (base or color parallels) I will gladly trade for it.

Independence day relics are not new to Topps.  They produced a line of manufactured relics bearing team's cap logos back in 2010.

Here's my Cutch from that series.  I also have a Garrett Jones from the same series.  They're numbered /99 copies and have a 229 player checklist.  That's a lot of cards to chase.


  1. Never seen these ones. Pretty cool.

  2. A. Beautiful card.

    B. 229 player checklist? Very impressive Topps. I wonder how many collectors built that set.