Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Remembering the Biogenesis Scandal

As is customary for me every day on my lunch break, I was browsing eBay for more McCutchen cards to add to the PC.  I stumbled across a seller who had a bunch of Just Minors cards with Cutch's auto for under $20.  I tried to convince myself that I didn't need them.

I don't think I tried hard enough as I added 6 cards to my cart for checkout.

I'll show off some of the others in future posts, but these two were a reminder that no prospect is a guaranteed thing.  The MLB draft signing period is over and the trade deadline is just around the corner.  Many teams will begin selling off veteran established players in hopes of adding future cornerstone of a franchise.

The New York Mets thought they had two top outfielders in Carlos Gomez (stay tuned for a future featured hate rant on him in the next few weeks) and Fernando Martinez.

What they actually had was a guy who would be out of baseball by 2013, finishing his career as a .206 hitter.  Fernando Martinez was recognized in the 2013 Biogenesis Scandal and served his suspension.

I snagged both of these autos for $30 combined shipping.  It helped knock off a few more Cutch needs while giving me some great material for a blog post.
The Pirates are currently in the middle of a 4 game series with division leaders, Brewers.  Both teams will likely look to make small upgrades at the trade deadline.  Could we see some future PED prospects get moved that were once highly touted?

Clearly both the Pirates and Brewers are forgiving when it comes to PED tests.  Starling Marte made his return after serving his 80 game suspension and got a standing ovation from the fans.

Francisco Cervelli who was a key piece of the Pirates winning last night's game was also involved in the Biogenesis scandal.  Pittsburgh loves him.

Oh and let's not forget Ryan Braun.  He was involved in the Biogenesis scandal also and publically shamed a UPS driver to try and cover up another of his failed drug tests.  Milwaukee still loves Brauny tho.

Are guys who take PEDs forgiven too quickly by fans?

What about the wrongfully accused?
Gio Gonzalez was mentioned in the Biogenesis scandal but was later acquitted of the charges.  Yet he will forever have that blemish on his resume.


  1. Good point. I think players are forgiven pretty easily these days, especially if they tell the truth.

    And good point - remember to trade your prospects! Last night the Yanks gave up one I like a lot, Blake Rutherford. He's 20 in Low-A. Maybe he'll be great, but he might also never amount to anything. It can be a crapshoot, but we get so attached to certain guys.

  2. Off topic comment of the day: I could deal with Braun being involved with the scandal... but the way he handled it totally annoyed me. It's like I tell my students... own it. We all make mistakes in life. Learn from them... don't lie about it to cover it up.

    PS: Two Cutch autos for $30... great deal.

    1. I agree. Braun acted childish when he got caught. I'm surprised players like him and Melky Cabrera don't get jeered more for their actions. The players that take their medicine then come back and play the game right are easier to forgive. Everyone loves Bartolo Colon!

  3. "Are guys who take PEDs forgiven too quickly by fans?"

    Some are, some aren't. It all comes down to how well they treat their hometown fans, I suppose. After all, Sammy Sosa was never even officially caught, but still seems to receive a great deal of hate in the baseball community. But then there's Braun...

    At any rate, I humbly request that your Pirates continue to berate the Brewers - it works out for both of us!