Sunday, January 7, 2018

A brother's love is brother's love

One of my family's favorite movies is Nic Cage's Gone in 60 seconds.  My father, brother and I often quote it when we get together for family events.

The line "a brother's love is a brother's love" really came true when just weeks before Christmas my brother won two auctions for me that are both 1/1s.

I was gifted with them on Christmas.

Andrew McCutchen was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2005.  That same year Bowman Heritage would release the first on card autographs of the future superstar.

The red parallel numbered 1/1 was inserted into packs at a rate of 1:1,374 packs for the 350 card set.  In order to guarantee getting the Cutch 1/1 parallel you are looking at 480,900 packs to open.  Anyone want to bust half a million packs?

He didn't stop with just the 1/1 red though.  He also snagged this 1/1 yellow printing plate.

Thanks Lil Brudder!!!


  1. Great movie and awesome that your bro scored those two 1/1s!

  2. It's been years since I watched that movie, so I barely remember it. But those two 1/1's are awesome.

  3. Love the Homestar Runner reference at the end.

  4. It is such a great movie. Everyone should own it.