Friday, January 19, 2018

Another Giant Addition, Ho Hum Another 1/1

Continuing the theme of Giant related cards this week I am switching gears a little bit and returning to Oversized Cardboard. I thought now would be a good time to show off this 2017 Gallery Original Artwork by Dan Bergren.

I have purchased several original 1/1 artworks before between Topps Museum, Leaf Best of Baseball, and random Topps Series cards.

This artwork was used to produce the 1951 Heritage parallel of Cutch number 3 of the Wal-Mart exclusive Topps Gallery.

1951 Bowman is best remembered for the Willie Mays rookie card.  Willie Mays of course is the greatest 5 tool player of All-Time and a Giant legend.

The oversized card is my first oversized artwork of Cutch.

Here is another of the 1951 Heritage Gallery cards used in production from this card.

I showed other Topps Gallery cards here.


  1. 1951 bowman is also known for Mantle's true RC

  2. That is fantastic! Love the original artwork!

  3. It's one thing to own a piece of artwork. It's another thing to own a piece of artwork that's being used for trading cards. Flippin' awesome!

  4. Thanks everyone. I think I may get a small frame for it and a1ll the parallels.