Monday, January 1, 2018

Cardboard Cameos #4: It Was a Good Year

I received this card the day after Matt from BobWalkThePlank posted it so I have been giving it some time to let the dust settle so it can be refreshing for readers of this blog as well.

Looking back at some of the cards I purchased I would like to say "Good Job" to myself.
I added a few dozen 1/1s to the collection this year thanks in part to the Honus Bonus 1/1 Milestone cards celebrating each of his career homerun.  The biggest 1/1 was the bat knob from Immaculate.

A few readers sent me cards over the course of the year. Thank you so much to all those who supported my cardboard habits.  Your friendship and support on the blogs means so much to me.

Here's hoping for a successful 2018.
Here's my goals for both CollectingCutch and Chasing3000.
-Add 300 new Cutch cards to the PC
-Show off 300 Roberto Clemente cards on Chasing 3000 (I have about 150 cards already)
-Send out at least 3 packages a month to my readers.

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