Sunday, January 14, 2018

Thanks For The Memories

With Fall Out Boy playing in the background it is with deep regret that I must pass on the news that Gerrit Cole has been traded to the defending World Series Champions, Houston Astros.

Gerrit signified an important time for Pirates fans.  They weren't going to shy away from taking the best talent available in the amateur draft.  They were going to be committed to their plan and building around a young core to bring the Pirates back to the post season.  They were going to finally get an ace level pitcher.

Cole debuted in 2013 after two years in the minors.  He was part of the team that broke the 20 year losing streak.  He was handed the ball in Game 5 of the ALDS that same year and the 2015 Wild Card Game.  He was meant to be the pitcher we could rely on when it mattered most.

Ultimately the Pirates were unable to advance far into the post season in 2013, 2014, and 2015 despite having the league's 2nd best record during those 3 years. (CURSE YOU CARDINALS!!!!)

I've shown off a bunch of Cutch and Cole cards before.
Now I'm going to rank them.

This was a no brainer as it ranks as one of my favorite cards I own.  A dual patch, dual auto numbered to only 5?  Yeah, not much can top that.

Ok, there are two things wrong with this card.
Cutch should have had the logo patch and I wish we had gotten Pedro Alvarez, Josh Harrison, or Starling Marte instead of Jung Ho Kang.
It is a 1/1 though

The reason for liking this card is simple.  It's one of only two dual autographs produced with Cutch and Cole.  I had won a redemption for this card and when it was time to redeem it, Topps said that the card was no longer available.  Instead they sent me a dual David Ortiz/Alex Rodriguez as compensation.  I eventually found one on eBay and bought it.  Only 25 of these were produced.

There's no patches on this card, but AJ Burnett was one of my favorites.  A lot of fans disliked him because of his attitude, but that rockstar carefree IDGAF STFD attitude is why I liked him so much.  It was AJ's first and only All-star game.  Only 25 copies exist.

Similar to the card above, I really like the design of the 2015 All-Star stitches relic cards from Update.  Another card with only 25 copies.

Here is another 1/1 from Triple Threads.   This one features a 2014 Post Season patch on the JHay swatch and a Jolly Roger sleeve patch for Cole.

The first unlicensed card appears and it is for no other reason than Panini makes some classy looking cards for their National Treasures release.  Like many others on this list it's numbered to only 25 copies.  Unlike many others it is jersey numbered for Cutch.

I got a bunch of various patch cards to choose from but this one with the Ralph Kiner (4) tribute patch from the 2014 season for Cole is one of the better patches I have of Cole.

Gotta Steel this one and post it for the 3rd time on the blog. The placement of the Alvarez patch looks awesome.

It's another booklet. YAY!
it's boring swatches BOO!
It's numbered to 5 YAY!
Cole isn't pictured in a black jersey BOO!

Polanco Jolly Roger swatch gets this card to fall in the Honorable Mention column.

I wish Gerrit the best of luck in Houston and I hope for a team that once called themselves the Colt .45s that they come up with some great marketing for Cole 45.


  1. Wow, you have some great Cole cards. Hopefully you get equally cool cards of the players they got in return.

  2. Truly insane cardboard. Sad to see that both of the Franchise Forerunners are no longer with the franchise.