Monday, January 8, 2018

Snow Way!!!! Not Happening!

In case you didn't hear, New Jersey got pummeled with snow last Thursday.  In Monmouth County we got over 13 inches.  Fortunately we didn't have any down power lines or anything too major happen.  I was able to stay indoors and took a personal day at work to avoid the hour commute.

I walked one block to Wawa to grab some groceries and a hot panini, but other than that during my down time I watched a lot of Netflix.

Meanwhile my favorite athlete ever was outside taking swings.
He also decided it was necessary to go running.

I wish I had that kind of ambition.
To remember the snow and my lack of ambition to do anything in a foot of that cold powdery nonsense, here's a 2016 Wal-Mart Holiday card.

Matt from Once A Cub is kind enough to be sending me the 2017.
Our community is the best!!!

Today we are supposed to get a nasty ice storm in the afternoon.  I hate the ice more than snow.


  1. Up here in the Hudson Valley NY we only got about 4 inches. Nobody played baseball in it though.

  2. We've been dealing with sub zero temps for about two weeks now. Probably been too damn cold to snow. I think today is the first snow and ice is in the forecast. The temps are in the 30's now which feels balmy!

  3. I dealt with furnace issues all day yesterday, which included my boiler overflowing and drenching my basement through the ceiling. Fun times.

  4. It's weird to see Cutch out in the snow. Somehow I never considered that he would live in the northeast. I guess I always just pictured baseball players spending the winters in Florida and Arizona, hanging out until spring training.

  5. Good to hear you were able to make the best out of a cold situation. Looks like Cutch did too.

  6. I know all about this as well. My post tomorrow involves my snowy day fun