Thursday, January 25, 2018

RunPMC NoMas

Around Christmas I won some Triple Threads cards from Probstein's auctions.  One of the auctions I snagged was this awesome emerald parallel triple relic combo of one of the better outfields in baseball.

In 2014 and 2015 the Pirates were expected to have the best outfield in baseball.

They had a perennial MVP candidate in Andrew McCutchen patrolling centerfield not yet in the prime years of his career.

Patrolling left field was the best defensive left fielder in the game and a constant speed threat on the bases in Starling Marte.

Watching over the Clemente wall in PNC Park was a top 10 prospect in all baseball, Gregory Polanco, who began his MLB debut by having a double digit hit streak.

Things looked great for the Pirates in the outfield.

Merely a few years later though and the face of the franchise, Andrew McCutchen, has been traded.  Starling Marte has been suspended for 80 games for PED use. Gregory Polanco has been suffering with hamstring issues nearly his entire career.

What once looked like the building blocks of a yearly contender has already started to be stripped.

RunPMC (Polanco Marte Cutch) is no longer running at PNC.
This will likely be one of the last triple relics with these three guys on it.

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  1. Wow. How quickly things can change! Never would have guessed that trio would have such a short run in Pittsburgh.