Monday, January 22, 2018

Just Cutch It

Back in December I won a bunch of Probstein auctions for a very reasonable price.  This followed one Probstein auction that I absolutely got shilled on.  I will be showing them all off this week.

Up first is this 2017 Triple Threads that spells out Cutch.

The back makes mention of Cutch's role on the Pittsburgh history.
His tenure with the Pirates may be over, but only 3 people are above Cutch on the All-Time HR charts and they are all Hall of Famers: Willie Stargell, Ralph Kiner, Roberto Clemente.


  1. I like multi-relic cards, but I get a bit annoyed when the pinstripes go every which way. Would have loved to see them all vertical.

    1. See, I actually like the different position stripes. It makes it more clear that the pieces are not one jumbo swatch, but in fact are TRIPLE THREADS

  2. I've heard a lot of people mention some shenanigans with Probstein auctions, but I've never seen anything myself. Everything I'm buying is pretty low end though, so limited people would be looking.

  3. Congratulations! eBay 1 of 1!