Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Lil Brudder of my favorite card of 2017

I showed off my favorite card of 2017 for Tom's contest last month.

I recently grabbed the Lil Brudder version of the card.

I had to show this picture of a one legged puppy dog from the Homestar Runner video shorts.  My brother and I got together during the holidays for drinks, Christmas exchanges (more on that tomorrow) and some Steelers football.  We used to watch the Homestar Runner videos all the time before smartphones on our desktop computer.  My friends and I called him Lil Brudder because of the video, but if you ever met him you'd know he could kick my ass if he actually wanted to.  The dude is jacked.

Anyway back to the original post...

While not loaded with laundry tags and QR codes and sleeve patches, this 6 swatch card does still feature a few nice patches and an on card autograph.

I had to grab this /5 because it's another on card autograph of Cutch.


  1. Lil Brudder definitely can hold his own. Nice card.

  2. Still a very cool card despite no tags!

  3. You made my day merely by mentioning Homestar Runner!

    1. Everytime I watch the episode "crying" I start laughing uncontrollably. It's hilarious.