Thursday, January 25, 2018

SIZE MATTERS: Cutch vs Hoffman

As someone who briefly rooted for the Marlins and modeled my little league game after Gary Sheffield, I am no stranger to the greatness that was Trevor Hoffman.

Cutch had 1 plate appearance against newly inducted Hall of Famer, Trevor Hoffman.  In his lone at bat in 2010, Cutch struck out.
Small Sample Size or not, this is the kind of results you can expect from one of the greatest relief pitchers of all time.

How did some of your favorite players do against Hoffman?
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  1. WIw, only 1?? I feel like they would have overlapped more.

  2. Cutch debuted in 2009. Hoff retired after 2010. The Pirates teams in the years that Cutch could have faced Hoffman lost a combined 204 games in those two years. Needless to say Hoffman got a lot of 3 day recoveries facing the Pirates in those years.

    Oddly enough Hoffman lost his closer role because of Ryan Doumit who tagged him for 2 Hrs and 5RBIs in back to back games in 2010. Prior to that Doumit struck out in 3 of his 4 previous appearances.

  3. Only 6 ABs but Edgar Martinez hit a cool .500 against Hoffman with 1 HR. Even more proof Edgar should be in the HoF

  4. Both of my favorite players were pretty successful against their future teammate. Mr. Padre walked in his only plate appearance and The Man of Steal went 1 for 2 (double).