Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Have No Words

I have been trying to think of the words to write to sum up the emotions felt about two of my favorite players being traded over the weekend.  This follows up a shitty week in general as my car was totaled the day of the ice storm.

Andrew McCutchen made me love baseball again.
He signed baseball cards, balls, hats, and even a Pirates Country sign for me in person.
He was always humble and a true talent to watch play.

I have so many fun memories of Cutch from his Altoona Curve days to that magical 2013 season when the Bucs returned to the postseason and beyond.

My brother's favorite player, Evan Longoria, was traded to the Giants this year too so the good news is that him and I may take a bro trip out west to visit AT&T Park.

What can I possibly say about Cutch being traded?
The face of the franchise was traded for a middle reliever and outfield prospect.

There's no words.

There. Are. No. Words.

Thank you for always being classy.
Thank you for bringing the franchise back hope.

Thank You Cutch!
The card pictured is a "Giant" sized 5x7 Rookie Reprint Blue Parallel /2.

It summarizes my feelings perfectly.


  1. Its so tough to pick one player to super collect these days unless team doesn't matter to you. Jeter and Chipper may be the last of a dying breed. As a Cubs fan, I can only cross my fingers that someone like Kris Bryant stays through it all.

  2. I gotta tell you...even though I'm not a Pirates guy I really liked McCutchen. He's just one of those players who makes baseball fun. I had this discussion with some Pirate fans in Bradenton a couple of Spring Trainings ago over a beer. They loved the guy and they made me appreciate him more.

    Hate to see him move on from Pittsburgh. Being a sports fan certainly can bring you joy...and sorrow.

  3. I was dreading this post popping up in my blogroll. Not sure what to say, really. Hope you continue your chase of his cards, regardless of uniforms.

    1. I was dreading this post, too. I'm no Pirates fan, but I sure do admire Cutch. For the sake of the NL Central and some great bloggers, I hope this rebuild pays off for Pittsburgh.

  4. This is probably why I super collect Rodney Hampton. No matter what he was a giant for life.

  5. It's a rare rare event these days for a star player to stay with his team throughout his whole career. I had hoped McCutchen would be one of those athletes. It'll take some getting used to seeing both him and Longoria on the Giants.

  6. Just and odd feeling. Going to be weird for sure, but I think the constant speculation helped me some.

  7. This year's Pirates/Tigers series is gonna feel weird. No Verlander/J.D. Martinez/Cole/Cutch. Very weird.

  8. It's tough having a favorite player nowadays. Those that excel and spend their whole careers with one team are getting rarer and rarer. I was a big Roger Clemens fan growing up - seeing him go to Toronto was disappointing. Seeing him become a Yankee after was flat out heartbreaking. McCutchen the Pirate may be gone, but McCutchen the person is still someone worth rooting for.

  9. It's sad to see players who invested so much into a team and who have spent their whole careers there be traded away. It'll be weird for sure, but the Pirates are ready to take a new step and that sadly doesn't involve McCutchen. He played so well for the Pirates, and I'm certain every fan recognizes that.

  10. When I heard the news, after my initial "wow", I thought of you my friend. It will be weird seeing Cutch and Longo in a Giants uniform for sure.

  11. I talked to several co-workers about this trade and they're all excited to see him play in San Francisco. He's always seemed to be a class act and his work in the community is well documented. I'm excited to see him play. But keeping it real... years from now when he retires, he'll always be remembered for his years in Pittsburgh.

  12. The first thing I though of when I saw the news yesterday was man that sucks for Brian. I really couldn't believe it when I heard the news too. But that doesn't mean you have to stop collecting Cutch. I know every time I find a new Brewer I like and start collecting they get traded or sign somewhere else.