Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My first 2018 Cutch card, WIP

I am so excited to show this off. 

I won a Dallas Keuchel 2017 Museum 1/1 sketch card for $9.99 back in September.  The artist was Darrin Pepe. 

I think I've mentioned this before that I used to have hundreds of original artwork pages from comic books (mostly Gambit and X-Men related).  I still love original artwork and the talent that some of these artists have.

After winning the Keuchel sketch, I knew I wanted to get his take on my favorite athlete of all-time. 

A quick Facebook message around Thanksgiving and after the chaos of the holidays settled down I received this black and white layout on a 2017 Topps Museum Artist Proof sketch card. 

This is fricking awesome!

It's got a current dreadless Cutch, the Jolly Roger logo, and an image of Cutch slam dunking his helmet for his first Walkoff HomeRun from his rookie season. 

Darrin will be coloring it for me this week, but wanted to give me an update. 

Once I get it in hand, I will post the color version along with the Keuchel that started it all.