Saturday, January 20, 2018

I Got Friends When I'm In Lowly Places

Last weekend absolutely sucked.
I got news that my car was totaled and won't be repaired.
The Steelers defense gave up 45 points to Blake Fricking Bottles and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
The Pirates traded away their ace, Gerrit Cole, and face of the franchise, Andrew McCutchen.

I have been keeping a positive attitude though.
I can get a new car.
The Steelers are one of thirty one teams that won't be winning the Superbowl and got further than 75% of the rest of league.
Gerrit Cole was going to leave in two years regardless.
Andrew McCutchen is still my favorite player regardless of the uniform he wears.
I have great blogging friends that send card care packages just because.

Sports Card Collector sent me a six card package in a PWE that really helped brighten my day, not because it included some SICK DOPE NASTY NAILS patch or autograph, but because it simply was a package to say just thinking of you here's some cards you might enjoy.

4 cards were of Cutch.

2 were of AJ Burnett.

Thank you Matt!
This helped keep things in perspective and make me smile.


  1. You're welcome buddy. Anything to help put a smile on your face when your having a rough time :)

  2. I always turn to cards when I have a rough week. Hope this week is much better!