Sunday, June 30, 2019

Let's Play, What Is This From?

I have had this card in my collection for a bit over a year before researching where the relic could have came from.
I have looked up countless throwback and alternate jerseys to find it's origin.

At first I thought it might be a holdover from a Team USA World Baseball Classic jersey since I knew they used a bunch of patches from that jersey for 2017 Museum.
Nope! Blue Letters on back

Maybe the 4th of July 2017 uniform Topps used
Nope!!! Again blue letters on back

How about any of the Negro League uniforms?  Oh wait, none of them have nameplates on the back.

Then I realized this jersey is actually from 2016.  It is the nameplate from the 4th of July jerseys worn in St. Louis.
Above you can see the red letters on the back of the Josh Harrison jersey which match the layout of this jersey perfectly.

Topps has used an image from the game for their cards in the past.

All week long I will show off some cards as we celebrate America!


  1. I would never have guessed why a Pirates player would ever wear a red "C" on his jersey. Nice work, detective!

  2. Great detective work. Topps should have used that image on the card to go along with that sweet patch.