Sunday, June 9, 2019

Tier 1 Giants Pickups

While I didn't hit anything big in my player break I showed off a few weeks ago, I have been adding to my McCutchen collection by grabbing some more 2019 Tier One cards.
This jumbo patch appears to be part of the "22" worn on the back of the jersey.  It is numbered to only 20 copies.
I also picked up another autograph.  I think I have to be nearing 200 unique autos at this point. 
The sticker auto is on a grey jersey swatch and is limited to 30 copies.


  1. That top patch is def. a Top Patch! Great looking relic card.

  2. Fantastic cards, the patch card is sweet! I'm so bummed that he's out for the year, especially on such a bs rundown.

  3. Sweet cards, especially the patch.

  4. Agree with all these comments. Nice cards.