Monday, June 24, 2019

Trying to keep up...

I haven't updated my spreadsheet in almost 9 months.  During that time there has been so many high end releases to finish out 2018 along with a small sample of cards for 2019.  It is a goal of mine to eventually get caught up and I am hoping that maybe around July I will have a fully functioning checklist of all the cards in my collection.

Another item I have been trying to keep up with is Cutch 1/1s equal to homeruns he had with that team.

Here is how the homerun tracker breaks down
PreMLB debut 43
Pirates 203
Giants 15
Yankees 5
Phillies 10

He also hit a HR in the 2015 All-Star Game

Here is another one of my 1/1 cards of Cutch so far as a Phillie.
This is the 2019 Big League Baseball Blank Back Topps Vault 1/1


  1. A 1 of 1 for each home run he's hit? That's quite the goal. Best of luck!

    1. I am practically there. I will have to analyze how close I am in the next few week's.