Friday, June 21, 2019

Series 2 Player Break Results

I participated in another pick your player group break.  This time it was 2 cases of Series 2 Topps Flagship.

I got a few cool cards in the break.

The best was this photo variant of Cutch fielding.
These aren't nearly as rare as they used to be in year's past unless you hit a SSP rookie.  Then they are rare AND expensive.  Look up the Vlad Jr for proof of that statement.
I got 22 base cards (nice number!) and one foil parallel.
The back of the base card doesn't have any fun facts about Andrew like in the past.  Instead it just shows the first half of his hopefully Hall of Fame career.
With his limited 2019 season, he now sits at 48.8 career WAR through just over 10 seasons.

I didn't get any base 1984 Silver Pack parallels, but did score this black numbered to 199.


  1. I really like the nice action shot on the variant. The 84T insert is also cool.

  2. That black '84 chrome card is insane. I also didn't realize that McCutchen is only 32. Even though he's out for the year, he is making a strong case for the HOF.

  3. Nice cards especially the '84.