Monday, June 10, 2019

Who likes buttons? BUTTON SHOW OFF POST

Who likes buttons?

I do.

I currently have 10 button cards of Cutch and scanned them in two lots.

5 are designed vertically

And 5 are designed horizontally
Sorry for the upside down scan of Marte dual button.  I didn't notice it until I had already begun this post.

The button cards range in rarity to /6 to 1/1s.

Here they are all individually.


  1. The first collection I remembwr having as a kid was a button collection, which amounted to an old Fannie May box filled with the remnants of my grandma's sewing projects. This takes that idea to a whole new level - truly an elite button collection!

  2. Enough buttons to make your own shirt!

  3. Buttons are great, especially when they're undone like in Katy's case...

  4. I do like her buttons... I don't remember ever seeing a button card. My favorite is the last one.

  5. You can't kick your post off with Katy Perry and her buttons... then expect me to concentrate on Cutch's buttons.

  6. Your collection there is really quite amazing, but I'm a little disappointed... there's no Red Buttons :)