Saturday, June 22, 2019

My First Twitter Purchase

I have only been on Twitter for one week and have already made a super sweet purchase AND received it in hand.
This Twitter thing might work out nicely.
Above is a 1/1 Jumbo Bat Nameplate of Cutch from 2019 Topps Museum.  In terms of hits of Cutch in that product, this is THE grail to own for Phillies cards thus far.

This is only my second bat barrel nameplate of Cutch I own.

Thanks to @Gravytrain61 for selling it to me.

I will be running a contest next week to announce my Twitter arrival.

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  1. That was quick! So this is supposed to be from a real bat, right? Not a manufactured relic? I don't keep up with modern equipment, so this is why I ask, I don't remember ever seeing a player's name like that on a bat that was made for actual use.

    1. Yes it is from an actual bat. You can look up on Google or Getty Images to see plenty of images where the player's nameplate is on the bat from games. This bat color and styling of the letters looks like a bat he used often while a member of the Giants.

  2. So glad to have you on Twitter with us!

  3. Dang... that was fast. Sweet card! Congratulations on the new addition to your Cutch collection.

  4. Great looking card. I wouldn't think I'd like one but that one looks nice.