Friday, June 14, 2019

The Irony Of It All

Andrew McCutchen will be going in for surgery today. Prayers for a speedy recovery so that he may recover and be ready for next year's Opening Day.

Lots of players with torn ACL have been making headlines lately.

Alex Morgan scored 5 goals for women's Team USA versus Thailand in the World Cup.  The US Women's team completely dismantled Thailand in a 13-0 routing.  Morgan, the team's most famous player had torn her ACL several years ago.

Golden State Warriors superstars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson both suffered injuries in games 5 and 6 of the NBA Finals. Both are expected to miss most of the 2019-20 season.  Durant confirmed he has a torn ACL.

Mike Moustakas hit a game winning homerun for the Brewers in the 14th inning versus the Astros a few days ago.  He is having a career season this year with 21 homers already and 2.4 WAR.  He had missed most of the 2016 season with a torn ACL and has had his best seasons of his career since returning.

Despite missing the past week and half, Cutch is still in second place for National League in walks.  It's doubtful he will finish in the top 10 with missing four months of the season, but that just shows how good his eye and plate discipline was prior to the injury and likely that won't change after he returns from the injury.

I received this 2019 Topps Top of the Class insert in the mail yesterday and since it is graduation weekend for most of the schools in my area, it makes sense to show off this card.

The back reveals a rather ironic name in a fact about how good Cutch has been at the top of a batting lineup since his 2009 debut.

Ian Kinsler is the only active person to score more runs than Cutch since his debut.

Of course Ian Kinsler is the player who intentionally dropped Jean Segura's pop up so that the Padres could start a double play which lead to Cutch tearing his ACL.

The Topps of the Class is a rather neat looking set if they were all horizontal like this McCutchen card.  Most of the cards I have seen from the set are vertical though and are not nearly as good looking. 


  1. Modern medicine is pretty amazing for sure! I hope he has a quick recovery.

  2. That 5 goal game by Morgan was awesome! Maybe Cutch will bounce back next year with a 5 home run game ;)