Monday, June 17, 2019

This Day In Cutchstory: 1st HomeRun

Topps Tribute has lost a lot of it's luster as a super high end set over the years in part because more and better high end sets have been released over the years.

2015 Topps Tribute had some issues upon initial release due to lots of autographs bubbling and smearing.  It even lead to a recall of the merchandise.

With all that being said there were some pretty cool relics and the design for 2015 in general was very nice looking.

When I saw that Topps was releasing a set of cards using baseballs from games with milestone moments, I knew I wanted to snag of the very limited cards produced honoring Cutch's 1st career MLB homerun.

The MLB Authentication shows HZ274399

Which shows that it was a swatch removed from ball LH224482

10 years ago today Cutch hit his first career homer off Twins ace Francisco Liriano.


  1. What a cool keepsake, although surprised this ball isn't in Cutch's possession!

    1. It's not the actual HR ball, but is a ball from the game. No additional details were provided on the MLB site as Statcast wasn't available in 2009