Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Mystery of Dirty Dishes?

The past few days I have been organizing my card collection and it has been a daunting task.  While going through the collection I have found things about the cards I never noticed before.

Take these three printing plates for example.
At first glance they appear to be just three more 1 of 1 printing plates for the collection, but if you look closer you can tell that these plates didn't fully dry prior to being cut up and grouped together.
Now the back of magenta and black plates both show signs of a wet press of cyan ink.  The cyan plate clearly shows signs of a black plate with wet ink on it.

In addition to that there is a clear 001 that appears to the right of Andrew's face on the cyan plate.

I adjusted the color so it can be more visible.

The same numbering appears on the back of the magenta plate in stamped black ink when flipped upside down.
More mystery surrounds these plates when looking at the top right corner of the black plate where there is clearly a banner for First Base.
The black plate in general appears to have finger prints on it.
The magenta plate shows a lot of streaks on the front.

There appears to be some mystery surrounding how these plates were stacked after printing was complete to make the finalized 2012 Archives Cloth Sticker
As you can see from the image above, Cutch's face got the same treatment as that "other guy" on Frank Thomas' 1990 Topps card.  His face appears to have been airbrushed.


  1. The dirtier the printing plate... the better.

    1. I agree.. love a dirty printing plate! These are pretty sweet.

  2. These might be the best printing plates that I've ever seen! I like that they're dirty, it makes it look like they were actually used. Sometimes when I see the super clean one's, I can't help but wonder if they are genuinely used plates, and not just something that was created to be a "hit".