Saturday, March 7, 2020

1 Cup To Rule Them All

2010 Topps Andrew McCutchen is Cutch's most reprinted card.
It most recently was reprinted on the Rookie Cup insert series from 2017 Topps.

It is card number 19 in the 50 card checklist.

By the way in case you haven't been paying attention to my March's only 19 Days Until Opening Day

Here are some other cards I have of Cutch featuring the Rookie Cup
A pair of 2011 Lineage Reprint Style On Card Autographs (base and Canary/10)

Here are the 2010 Topps and parallels I have.
The Opening Day base card
 7 of the Topps Chrome cards with cup to right of Cutch instead of above team name.
Blue, base, red
Refractor, purple, orange
The red is Jersey numbered (22) to 25 copies
Wal-Mart Black, Black
Base, Gold

I also have some manufactured rookie cup cards of Cutch I have shown on the blog before.
This super thick card from 2018 Topps features a manufactured mini rookie cup inside the card.

I have both the Rookie Trophy AND Rookie Cup relic cards

I also have the 5x7 blue parallel limited to only 2 copies.

Only 19 Days Left to Opening Day!!!!


  1. That 5x7 blue is very cool looking!

  2. As usual, your collection of McCutchen cards is awesome. And inspiring. Bravo!

  3. So awesome. Is Cutch in this year's RC logo Manu-relic set?

  4. I love the red parallel with the serial numbering matching his jersey number.

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