Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Sweet 16!!!

If the regular season starts on time and isn't delayed because of the Coronavirus scare, there will be two former MVPs and former Yankees/Team USA teammates that will be on the injured list.

Giancarlo Stanton suffered a calf strain and is expected to miss Opening Day.

Andrew McCutchen tore his ACL last June and is also expecting to miss Opening Day.
 Here is a dual laundry tag 1 of 1 I never showed off.
It pairs well with this  dual patch numbered to 10 copies I also never showed off.
Which pairs nicely with this dual relic I have shown off a few times.

It is numbered 16/49.
The card number for the set is also 16.
They look pretty good together.

The MLB season is supposed to kick off in 16 days.


  1. How are you able to afford so many sick hits? Especially when Cutch shares the card with a Yankee.

    I'm excited for Opening Day but I am pushing myself to get the All-Time Teams series done by then, and your countdown is making me nervous lol.

    1. The fact that NY hasn't adopted Giancarlo very well and both players previously played for uncollected teams makes the cards fairly low priced. I'm sad to admit I have been slacking on keeping up with my blog reading. I love your All-Time teams though. Very fun posts.

    2. Thank you! I know the feeling when you're locked in to writing your own posts (or some non-blogging activity) it can be tough to catch up on the blogroll.

  2. Some great cards! I’m a big Stanton fan. Hope he has a big year...whenever he gets on the field.

  3. Seattle just banned gatherings of more than 250 people. If the season starts on time, it's likely that the Mariners will be playing in an empty stadium, or away from home.

  4. That's quite the trifecta!

    Santa Clara County (home of the San Jose Sharks, San Jose Earthquakes, San Jose Giants, Levi Stadium, etc.) has banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people. Not sure what surrounding counties are doing, but if San Francisco or Alameda County join us, that would affect the SF Giants and the Oakland A's.

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