Wednesday, March 11, 2020

1 more 1 of 1

Many athletes these days have unrecognizable signatures.  Often they will just do initials and even they can be questioned if those initials look like the player's actual initials. 

Cutch has a sweet looking autograph.
The A in Andrew is very obvious and rather than signing McCutchen he just signs Cutch, a portion of his name he has been known for since his debut.

Here's a 1 of 1 from 2017 Immaculate I have had for a few years, but never showed off.

It checks off two of my favorite parts of the Cutch collection

On Card Autograph ✔
1 of 1 ✔
This Immaculate Signature is number 15 in the set.

It's only 15 days until Opening Day.


  1. Immaculate cards are always eye-catching. I pick up as many as I can on COMC but they're usually base cards.

  2. Awesome! How many Cutch 1 of 1's is that as of today?

    1. Lol. Never mind. I just remembered it's in your header :D

    2. If it makes you feel better, I don't think I knew it was in the header. Now I do!

    3. I havent updated the header since April 2018. It needs an update as soon as I update my Google sheet.

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