Wednesday, March 18, 2020


With eBay items not popping up as often as they used to and COMC being in a hotbed of community spread of the virus, I made my 3rd Twitter purchase in a year and it just so happens to be another 1/1.

Before things got really crazy with dozens of new cases on a daily basis, I approached @nenunenu about a White Whale printing plate autograph/triple patch relic of Andrew McCutchen from 2011 Triple Threads.
The front of the plate features a sticker autograph og Cutch along with some road game used jersey swatches.
The Back features the white whale mark, but also discusses how good Cutch was when he first debuted for the Bucs.  To be in all time hostory in his first year is pretty remarkable.


  1. Never knew they actually put "White Whale" on there for real.

  2. ooh thats a sexy one. I bet there are a lot of guys out there on Twitter with some scarce Cutch cards.

  3. Wow. Never knew Topps actually used the term "white whale" on cards. Very cool. Congratulations!

  4. For a printing plate, that sure is a busy card! Congratulations on getting your whale.