Sunday, March 29, 2020

Good Social Distance Practice

Matt from Sport Card Collectors suggested a post showing good social distancing and self isolation.  This is what I came up with.

Here is a card that practices good social distancing. 
It is the photo variant of Cutch for his 2019 Topps Stadium Club release. 

Cutch is roughly 5ft10 so his wingspan from fingertip to fingertip is likely just shy of six feet. 

Good job Cutch!

Are you all trying to practice social distancing?  Are you preaching to others to do it?


  1. I did have to run Walgreens yesterday. I don’t love going out right now. I showered as soon as I got home.

  2. I've only been going out once a week for shopping. I too shower as soon as I get home. I did go for a walk the other day but didn't touch anything or go near anyone.

  3. I don't preach to others (I would if I were still around my students... or if I saw my nieces or nephews not following the rules), but I definitely practice it.

  4. I was sick for over a week with a viral infection, and some 3 weeks later, I've been outside a few times, and I've gone in the car with my wife a few times. I never get out of the car.

    Stay Home, Be Safe!

  5. I like that photo for some reason. Nice looking card.

  6. That Cutch card is a great example of social distancing!

    I still go to work every day and my manager's desk is less than six feet away from me, but we are all adhering to the distance as much as possible. I haven't gone anywhere else in quite a while.

  7. Nice card! Definitely practicing! Be safe!