Friday, March 27, 2020

Ground Chuck Update

Chris from The Collector suggested that I show off some other Pirates players I collect when I asked for some writer's block suggestions.  I figured I would honor that request.

Another of my main Player Collections is former Pirates pitcher and 2017 World Series Game 7 Winning Pitcher, Charlie Morton.

My reasons for collecting Ground Chuck are because he was my favorite pitcher of the 2009 Pirates pitching staff AND he was born in my hometown.

I haven't posted many Charlie Morton updates here since I predicted he would be the winning pitcher for the Astros in the 2017 World Series.  Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown even made a post about my bold prediction.

So because it has been a very long time since I showed off any Morton cards I thought I would share SOME of my Morton cards I have acquired over the past few years.  I won't bore anyone with base cards or standard parallels.

This is All Killer, No Filler
 2019 Topps Now Wild Card Game Used Base (featuring A's name on base) Autograph Purple Parallel
This is the back of the above card which discusses how Morton did in the game.
 2019 Triple Threads Patch/Auto blue parallel to 10 copies
Austin Meadows/Charlie Morton dual autograph, dual patch
2019 Topps Update /10
 2019 Triple Threads Triple All-Star Game patch /9
 2019 Triple Threads All-Star Game Majestic Logo 1/1
2018 Heritage 100 Anniversary /25
2 copies 2018 Heritage Magenta Back /10
 2017 Postseason Topps Now cards (I boldly predicted Morton to be winning pitcher of Game 7 World Series back in September 2017)

 2008 Bowman Printing Plates 1/1 yellow and black
2012 Topps Wood 1/1
I picked up a couple of the 2020 Archives Active Signatures.  They feature a blue label on top
I also picked up a few of the 2019 Archives Active Player Autos.  They feature a red label on top.

So theres a few of my Charlie Morton updates.  Prior to leaving the Pirates in 2016, I had every non 1/1 for the NJ born Morton.


  1. I forgot about your Morton collection. Really impressive!

  2. I agree with Chris here - love seeing some other player collections here. Awesome cards. Didn’t realize Chuck has a dual auto with Austin Meadows.

  3. Wow. Awesome stuff. Not the biggest fan of Topps Now stuff... but that's A's base relic card is sweet. Love the wood card too. Don't see those very often.

  4. Incredible collection, I see your 'sick hits' aren't just limited to Cutch. The Triple Threads blue patch auto really stands out here.

  5. Very impressive! Glad to see this PC still going strong.

    1. I'm not chasing every rainbow like I used to, but the quality is very strong.