Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cardboard Cameos: Eyes on Bell 2020 Donruss

I am always looking for new cards that feature Cutch as a cameo while also keeping flagship sets of Topps and Donruss for all Pirates players.

Shortly after 2020 Donruss came out I noticed that there was a Cutch cameo on the back of Josh Bell's card.

I will be looking for all emoji parallels of JB's card.

So I will be keeping my eyes open for more wacky parallels like this.
The back of the card discusses how Andrew McCutchen was the first player to hit 3 homeruns at PNC Park.  Cutch did it as a rookie in 2009.
Josh Bell became the first Pirate to do it since Cutch.

I also have the 🔥 and baby shark emoji cards.
I need the 100, 1, presidential, all stat line, and all press proof parallels.


  1. No kidding! Never even thought to look for something like that, although I can't image Tino shows up on too many backs.

  2. Need all the Matt Boyd cards like that.

    Also, I need to find a Baby Shark card that my Princess would like.

    Goog Job!

  3. Donruss emoji parallels. I've seen everything.