Saturday, March 14, 2020

Cardboard Cameos: Philly Philly

No countdown today because we don't know when Opening Day will be now that the season is suspended.

I picked up the insert set of Bryce Harper:Welcome to Philly cards because 1)I wanted to see if Cutch had any cameo appearances and 2)my girlfriend is a Phillies fan and likes the energy Harper plays with.

The 20 card set cost me $10 delivered so .50 a card which I found to be reasonable.

I didn't scan all the cards, but feel like Topps did a decent job of spotlighting some of Harper's 1st year Phillies moments.  From his MLB The Show cover appearance to walk off homers to record jersey sales and highlight reel catches Topps did a good job of capturing the moments.

Of the 20 cards there are 3 Cutch cameo appearances.
A pair of them make mention of Harper knocking Cutch in to score.
The third is a visual cameo which you need to look closely at.
Harper had a personal celebration with each member of the Phillies and behind the hands of Mikael Franco and Bryce Harper you can see Cutch's face and jersey.

With Topps producing more of these player specific insert sets who do you want to see get a 20 card set and what highlights do you want to see?


  1. I think it's crazy that they do these sets for guys so early in their careers, or in this case just for one season. If they're going to do a set of one player, it should be a veteran guy like Cutch, Miggy, Pujols, Kershaw, maybe DeGrom or Trout.

    But I suppose I'll be getting an Alonso set soon....

  2. I'm okay if Topps doesn't do anymore of these player specific sets. As much as I enjoy collecting guys like Tatis and Laureano... I don't need 20 cards of them with the same card design and different photos of them.

  3. It figures that Cutch would be obscured in the one photo :/

    I don't think I'd want an insert set of a single player; they're kind of oversaturated at this point IMO. Maybe an "aces" set with Kershaw, Scherzer, deGrom, etc... or a Gold Glove set, but every photo has to show a great catch or diving play.