Saturday, March 21, 2020

Some Extra Green

Since we all missed out on celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year due to the coronavirus I thought I would show my favorite green parallel from last year.
2019 Tribute featured bold colors for their Certified Stamp of Approval cards.
In my experiences of collecting I have often liked the colors that are found in Topps Tribute designs.  While the relics are very plain and less impressive than other high end releases, Tribute often has the most popping colors.

Want proof?  Check out the other examples below that I have shown off in previous years.


  1. Green! Some really nice cards. I love the Tribute cards with authenticated swatches.

  2. Never cease to amaze with you Cutch cards.

    Green w/ envy. 💯🔥💥👀

  3. Those last two in particular are very green. I've had my eye on some emerald parallels that look similar to that color.

  4. Those of us who are proud of our Irish ancestry usually skip going out on St. Patrick's Day anyway. I don't know how it is for everyone else, but in my family it was always considered to be a day for posers to go out and act like idiots.

  5. Wow. These Tribute green parallels are fantastic. I might need to look into picking up some Athletics from these sets.