Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Jeremy Bentham and the LOST Penguin Connection

I am not sure what the rest of the world is doing in this concept of isolation, but I have been rewatching some of my favorite shows I haven't seen in nearly a decade.  From Veronica Mars to Lost to The Simpsons, I am on an endless assault of streaming.

One of my favorite shows ever produced is the TV Series Lost.  I made sure to watch every single episode each week.  The show became a mainstream success and one of the best "water cooler" shows to talk about each week.

Without giving away any spoilers, the show focused on a group of plane crash survivors and how their lives connected before the crash.  There were many great characters featured in the show, but one of the most polarizing figures was that of John Locke played brillaintly by Terry O'Quinn.

In the shows fifth season, Locke was revealed to be named another character, Jeremy Bentham.

To create a Lost style post I decided to make a connection to Locke/Bentham's birthday.

February 15, 1948

There is likely only one blogger I know of who can immediately recognize what baseball player was born on that day.

If you knew it was Ron Cey, congratulations.  I'm sure the Night Owl is happy that the former Dodgers 3rd Baseman got a mention on my blog.

Coincidence or maybe it's "The Island's way of controlling things" I sent Night Owl an autograph card of Ron Cey on Mr. Bentham's expired passport (December 17, 2017) date and he received it a few days later.

He posted about it here as it was his Secret Santa package for 2017.

It should be noted that Ron Cey was nicknamed "The Penguin" by his former teammates for the way he waddled around the bases.

On June 13th, 2017 Andrew McCutchen hit a homerun against the Rockies with the recent Stanley Cup Champions, Pittsburgh Penguins, in attendance.  The Penguins who clinched the cup just 2 days earlier were there to celebrate with the rest of the city.
Cutch made sure to step up for the celebration.

The image of Cutch looked familar in the final clips of the MLB video so I decided to do some research about the game and see what Getty Images had to offer.

Well that looks familiar...

That homerun was used for Cutch's swansong flagship Pirates card in 2018 Topps Series 1.

Here are 9 of Cutch's 2018 Topps Flagship Series 1 parallels.
Negative, Base, Purple (TRU exclusive)
Vintage /99, Father's Day Blue /50. Mother's Day Pink /50
Independence Day /76, Black /67, Gold /2018

Sorry for scanning them all grouped together and not following social distance rules.

So just as the great show Lost connected a sequence of completely ordinary events and showed how they all connect together, I was able to do the same via CollectingCutch.

Did you watch Lost when it aired?

Have you ever gone down an internet rabbit hole and tried to connect it to a baseball card?


  1. I did watch Lost! I thought it got a little weird as the series went on (like most shows do), but I stuck with it through the end.

  2. Wow. You sure have a way with tying things together. If you told me to write a post about Lost, Ron Cey, Andrew McCutchen, and the Pittsburg Penguins I would have needed my anxiety meds. Great job.

    As for Lost... I did watch it the first season or two with some friends, but it just faded away. I did add it to my Hulu watchlist last week though, so I'll give it another chance at some point. If anything... just to see the beautiful Korean woman I remember seeing.

  3. You really have a flair for details, sending Night Owl a Cey auto on that exact day - and I wouldn't have realized that Cey and Locke had the same birthday.

    The fact that Cutch saluted the Penguins after his home run is more evidence that he is a great dude. I did recognize his hat tip from the Topps card and figured that's something he does often. Maybe not?

    Lost was one show I was really into at the beginning and I was um..Lost after a couple seasons. I watched through to the end but I just wasn't smart enough to figure out what was going on.

    1. That hat tip he does after every HR but the way he looked and that it was a white jersey home game homer in 2017 made me think it was the card for 2018 series 1.