Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The HomeRun Derby Cutch Style (A New 1/1)

Back in 2012, Andrew McCutchen was added to the HR Derby as a substitute for the injured Giancarlo Stanton.

In the 1st Round he hit 4 HomeRuns, 1 shy of eventual winner Prince Fielder.  During most of his at bats the focus was on Derek Jeter if I remember correctly.  It was a huge disappointment for me to see my favorite player finally start to get recognized and get overshadowed by not talking about him while batting.

Topps made a HR Derby in Updates and Highlights for Cutch and I have several of the parallels including one of my latest 1/1 plates.  Ho hum, another 1/1
The orange parallel (Top Row Middle) is very tough to find despite a large number produced (210 copies).  This is because you can only find the oranges in Factory Sealed sets.  A special pack of 5 cards were placed inside each complete set.  Trying to track down the orange is tough.

Cutch also had his 2013 Triple Threads All-Star Relic feature an image from the Derby.

I fell asleep early last night so I couldn't watch the Derby in its entirety.  I hear Aaron Judge was impressive to watch though.

Back in May I showed off my All-Star Game patches which you can see by clicking here.  I showed the 2013 above.

I wanted to show off my other Cutch ASG cards over this week, but haven't gotten around to being in the mood for scanning cardboard.


  1. I'll never forget that Derby because Cano didn't select Billy Butler and the KC crowd was very offended.

    1. The year before, Prince Fielder didn't select Justin Upton at AZ. I think the home city should always have a rep. Look how excited everyone was for Todd Frazier in 2015 and even Wil Myers last year.

  2. Was a great derby. #judge