Friday, January 12, 2018

Unity In Gold

Back when Triple Threads came out I feverishly sought out all the parallels of the Unity relics I could.  I've been hurt in the past by certain designs not reappearing on the secondary market.

It cost a good bit of money but I was able to snag all 3 versions of the Golds /9.  In addition to having the 3 Unity designs it also has some awesome looking patches.

Check them out.

The backs have different card "numbers"
I wish Topps would do something unique for each of the backs similar to those old All-star cards produced back in the 60s.  Have the backs form an image of the player.  Who knows, maybe the cost is too high to create something original for a high end set like Triple Threads.


  1. I see the "fine print" that says these relics aren't from anything in partcular, but any idea what the first two relics are? The third one looks camo, so maybe a memorial day uni? Sorry, not up to speed on Pirates alternates.

  2. Those patches are insanely gorgeous!