Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A New Direction

Adding items like this to the collection is still strange to me.

Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, and Andrew McCutchen are represented on this San Francisco Chronicles ad.

It's not a card, but is an ad roughly 5x7 that features Cutch so I thought I should add it to the collection. 

Cutch is having his usual slow start to the season as he's batting .100 on the young season with only 2 hits in 20 at bats.  He has made some impressive catches in right field.  Hopefully he can start to hit better as I doubt Bruce Bochy will continue to use Cutch in the 3 hole if he's continuing to make outs and ground into double plays.


  1. I hope he turns things around sooner than later. Not a Giants fan by any means, but I do like Cutch.

  2. Weird! That's going to start happening a lot.

  3. You can pretty much find an autograph of anyone on the active Pirates roster for around $5 right now minus Josh Bell. Kind of reminds me of the Bay years.