Saturday, April 28, 2018

Summer Reading List

With the warmer weather hopefully hitting this week, my girlfriend and I are already planning what days we will be going to the beach to relax and enjoy each other's company soaking in the sun and catching up on some books.

She tends to read crime novels and murder mysteries while I read sports biographies.  One of the books I got as a Christmas present is The Team that Changed Baseball: the story of the 1971 Pirates that fielded the very first all minority team.  I am really looking forwarded to reading it as it has been on my radar for some time.

Over the years both Topps and Panini have used cut up throwback uniforms of Cutch in their products.

A few months ago I managed to grab an awesome swatch of the uniform from Flawless.  It's the Emerald version numbered to only 3 copies.

This card is an absolute beaut.

The back discusses how Cutch's career compared to former Pirates superstar Barry Bonds.

Of course the irony is Cutch is now with the Giants who is the same team Bonds left the Pirates for.


  1. Great card!

    My summer reading list consists of The Baby Bombers by Bryan Hoch.

  2. My goal is to finally finish reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio this summer. Lol. It's a kids book that most people could read in a few hours, but I find myself caught up in sports card blogs instead.

  3. I'm so backed up on my reading, and there's more great baseball books coming out. Enjoy the book and the beach!

  4. That sounds like a great book, hope you'll review it here once you've finished reading. I almost bought a Gil Hodges Book "A Hall of Fame Life" at a library book sale - but when I saw the same Sandy Koufax book I bought a decade ago (and still haven't read) it talked me out of buying more books. I've got to get some reading done this summer - more than just blogs!

    Hope you and your gf enjoyed the weekend!